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" [Le personnage] étant renfermé, timide et ambigu. A ce stade, il devient évident que la crédibilité de cette aventure repose sur les frêles épaules de l’acteur principal, Fabian Wolfrom. Un choix judicieux et une direction d’acteur qui tape dans le mille : sa fragilité devient la force de DEAD SHADOWS. Il est juste parfait pour le rôle. "​

"Ce mélange [...] révèle deux acteurs intéressants : Fabian Wolfrom, du haut de ses 20 ans, dégage une cinégénie évidente"..

"L’acteur principal Fabian Wolfrom est impeccable"



"le héros, campé avec conviction par le prometteur Fabian Wolfrom"

magazine L'Écran Fantastique

"agréablement surprise par la prestation de l’acteur principal, qui lors de nombreuses scènes à su particulièrement bien insuffler aux spectateurs ses angoisses et ses crises de détresse. Pour un premier film, bravo !"



"mention spéciale au jeune Fabian Wolfrom excellent dans le rôle principal"



"Attachant notamment grâce au capital sympathie qu'apporte le jeune acteur principal, Fabian Wolfrom ("Bis"), dont c'était le premier long métrage et pour lequel on aura immédiatement de l'empathie."



"Le premier rôle est très bien tenu par Fabian Wolfrom (qui est pour beaucoup dans la sensation positive qui ressort du film)"



"N’oublions pas les performances [...] du jeune Fabian Wolfrom, véritable découverte du film."


"Fabian Wolfrom was a solid lead, and he pulled off everything rather well."

"Fabian Wolfrom is lovable in the lead role of Chris. The viewer instantly connects with him, and he becomes a character that's easy to love and root for."​​​

"The performances from the leads are excellent, especially the instantly likeable Fabian Wolfrom​ who find the middle ground between appearing to be in awe of everything occurring around him and yet still possessing a dark secret that he strives to keep hidden."



"Fabian Wolfrom made this film significantly better than it actually is. This is the first time I have ever seen this actor and he has made a lasting impression on me."

"But I can't knock Fabian Wolfrom either. His is an interesting story arc. I also dug the boy-meets-girl-at-the-end-of-the-world romance with Claire. Their scenes work really well"

"Fabian Wolfrom who played the main protagonist Chris has “star” written all over him and I foresee him becoming huge in France."

"As Chris, the film hangs on Fabian Wolfrom, also in his feature debut, and his striking features convey a youthful bravado over a constantly running river of fear"



"Wolfrom is especially good at conveying his character’s awkwardness"


"Newcomer Wolfrom and Marmigère make for likable leads"



"Fabian Wolfrom does a fine job as Chris, our reluctant hero with a fear of the dark and an unfortunate habit of blacking out in strange bathrooms. The highlight of his performance comes during the party scene as he is forced to react to an increasingly dangerous and bizarre set of surroundings."



"The film instantly drew me in through the characters. Chris [ . . . ] was likable, flawed, vulnerable, sometimes funny, and when he went badass in the end, it was quite sexy. I enjoyed his progression from scared boy into tough fighter. [ . . . ] Fabian Wolfrom was astounding as Chris ! He blew me away, and I think I might be a little in love with him. His adorable face, gorgeous eyes, intense likability, and low cut shirt won me over already, but thankfully his performance was up to the task."



"Your main star who plays the character of Chris is Fabian Wolfrom. He does a fantastic job. Makes you believe his torment. He created and owned his part. A mysterious young man with a past, that we the viewer only get glimpses of but that is the ultimate appeal because it's a mystery and a story in itself."



"Fabian Wolfrom, who looks like a young Alain Delon"



"Chris, the flawed front man of the film, is instantly likeable. [...] His eyes and body language evoking a contradicting concoction of shyness and a longing for human interaction, [...] newcomer Fabian Wolfrom perfectly portrays Chris’ transformations throughout his misadventures."



"Wolfrom shows promise in the lead"



"Newbie actor Fabian Wolfrom has just the right amount of innocent and shyness in his role of Chris and "Dead Shadows" at least has this going for it."



"Chris is a bit of a non-character, but actor Fabian Wolfrom imbues him with much life."


"Por otro lado los actores están más que bien, el protagonista Fabian Wolfrom y su partenaire Blandine Marmigère dan el pego como el héroe desvalido y su interés romántico, especialmente ella; hay que reconocer que el Wolfrom está mucho mejor en su registro triste y amenazador que en el de persona normal."

"Als exzellente Wahl entpuppt sich ausserden Hauptdarsteller Fabian Wolfrom. Der junge Mime verkörpert den Protagonisten ungemein natürlich und sympatisch."

​magazine Deadline



"Während Newcomer Fabian Wolfrom mit starker Performance den etwas dialoglastigen Mittelteil trägt [...]"




"Wobei die Würze und Hauptwirkung an der Sache sicher die Besetzung der Hauptrolle mit dem natürlich und wach und aufgeweckt wirkenden Fabian Wolfrom als einer Figur ist, für die es an der Zeit ist, diese Dinge zu erleben."

"de[r] hoffnungsvollen Newcomer Fabian Wolfrom in der Rolle des Chris"​


"ο ανερχόμενος νεαρός ηθοποιός Fabian Wolfrom"​


"Η ταινία έχει  καλές ερμηνείες όπως αυτή του πρωταγωνιστή Fabian Wolfrom ο οποίος αποδίδει τον ρόλο με επίπεδο που παραπέμπει σε ηθοποιούς με πολύ μεγαλύτερη εμπειρία"


"Ακόμα και στις ερμηνείες το επίπεδο είναι υψηλό, με τον πιτσιρικά Fabian Wolfrom να κλέβει καρδιές και να έχει μπροστά του μια λαμπρή καριέρα"


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